Dr Simon Wells

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  • The West of Scotland Herring Hunt (WOSHH) - A marine conservation and sustainability project that focusses on Scottish West Coast Herring fishing, sustainabilty, and conservation in both historical and contemporary contexts. Core funding for the project is from the William Grant Foundation to the value of £154,550.45 but smaller supplementary grants are envisaged to underright some of our goals, for example, Edinburgh Napier University funded part of the development of our website and herring hunt tool, as well as the recent Gairloch public engagement event where we launched the ScottishHerring.org site.
[STATUS: ONGOING] 2021 -- Present
  • REMAR - This is a marine sustainability project that is focussed on sustainable fishing and conservation of Brazilian Mangrove Crabs. My colleague in the School of Applied Sciences, Karen Diele, is PI but the School of Computing, with myself taking the lead, has provided technical support and implementation for the data gathering, analysis, and presentation. Our data is currently displayed in our data dashboard and there is a deployed Android app, localised to Portuguese that is used to gather data on the ground in Brazil. All source code for our tools is open and available under the GPL3 license.
[STATUS: ONGOING] 2016 -- Present
  • SUStainable and PERsuasive Human Users moBility in future cities (SUPERHUB) – A large EU FP7 IP project.
[STATUS: PROJECT COMPLETED 30th November 2014]
  • The Dialogue Game Description Language (DGDL), a domain specific language and supporting toolkit for describing the rules of diverse dialectical games.
  • μ-Argumentation – Formerly called “Argument Blogging” & subsequently “Argument micro-blogging”. The aim is to harvest resources from the web and to record, reuse, and interact with them in terms of their argumentative and dialectical structure. Kind of like trackbacks but with more argumentative structure.
  • Barricade, an argument structure visualisation widget.
  • Chronos, an online timeline & visualisation of research in dialectical games.
  • Monkeypuzzle – After the lead developer retired and with the software being effectively abandoned, Monkeypuzzle is a fork of the Araucaria argument-diagramming software.
  • MAgtALO – MAgtALO is a multiagent server architecture & web 2.0 front-end for effective human participation in complex real world problem domains. The aim was to do elicitation of structured real world knowledge without resorting to performing complex natural language parsing. This knowledge was then reused in agent knowledge bases to enable users positions and opinions to be represented in the system by agents in order to build a self-sustaining system that grows the more it is used.
  • Open Microscopy Project – I was employed on this project from 03.2011 until 03.2012
  • Ph.D Thesis – Formal Dialectical Games In MultiAgent Argumentation – In which I surveyed a wide variety of dialogue games and laid the foundations for the A4A.
  • The Information Exchange (iXchange) Project – A multi-site project to develop multiagent software that incorporates social reasoning, argumentative dialogue, and planning, applied in an eScience scenario.
  • Implementing Dialectics – My Senior Honours Project in which I created the first implementation of Walton & Krabbe’s PPD0 dialogue game.