Dr Simon Wells

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Call for papers for the 24th International Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument

The 24th annual international workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA'24) will run on 17th September this year as part of the Computational Models of Argument Conference.

This year we are soliciting contributions on the special theme of “domains of natural argument”. The special theme should be interpreted broadly, to reflect the wide range of argumentative practices in specialist domains such as law, medicine, natural sciences, economics, sociology, education, public policy, behaviour change, explainable AI, military intelligence, software engineering, implementation science, business and financial communication, etc. Additionally contributions within this theme might explore various questions:

  • What features (e.g., dialogue models, argumentation schemes, speech acts, rhetorical devices and/or linguistic cues) are particular to a given domain.
  • How do they relate to features of other specialist domains or “everyday” argumentation?
  • How can study of natural argument in a particular domain inform models of natural argument in other domains?
  • How are classical models of natural argument and domain-specific models related to each other?

Contributions to this theme will be invited to submit extended work to a special issue of the Journal of Argument & Computation.