Dr Simon Wells

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New Paper at CMNA'21

My latest paper, titled “Towards a Declarative Approach to Constructing Dialogue Games”, will be presented at the upcoming 21st International Workshop in Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA'21).

The paper is joint work with Mark Snaith from RGU in which we sketch out a new programme of research into how dialogue games, expressed using a new sub-unit of the DGDL called “fragments”, can be re-used in new contexts. This is especially timely given the recent focus on conversational AI.

In this paper we sketch a new approach to the development of dialogue games that builds upon the knowledge gained from several decades of dialogue game research across a variety of communities and which leverages the capabilities of the Dialogue Game Description Language as a means to describe the constituent parts of dialogue games. Our ultimate aim is to produce a method for rapidly describing and implementing games that conform to the designer’s needs by declaring what is required and then automatically constructing the game from components, called ‘fragments’, that are distilled from existing dialogue games.