Dr Simon Wells

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Demo at the 8th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument

I presented work in a demo at COMMA 2020 on the subject of “The Open Argumentation PLatform (OAPl)” in which I talked the various pieces of software (some more mature, some more exploratory and prototypical) which form the inital tranch of contributions to a nascent Open Platform for Argumentation Software. Part of the aim is to facilitate the development of lots of argumentation software, partly it is to encourage different pieces of software to be able to be composed into more functional workflows, and partly to serve as a clearing house for software, so that we can become more aware of what is available.

Whilst demo tracks at venues like COMMA are incredibly valuable for getting a good sense of the argumentation software variously available and in development, this happens every two years, and a more continuous process happening inbetweentimes might be useful.

The best places to learn more is throught the following links: